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Pittsburgh Flips

Welcome to Albert Anthony Real Estate and Pittsburgh Flips; Pittsburgh's FIRST Real Estate Brokerage to offer Sellers and Buyers of Flipped properties an exclusive edge in the ever-competitive Pittsburgh housing market.

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As a family owned and operated, boutique-style Real Estate Brokerage, Albert Anthony Real Estate believes in the power of improving Pittsburgh and the many small communities therein. We seek to encourage more renovation; thus paving the way for a more stable housing community. Fortunately, Albert Anthony Real Estate is now poised to offer investors a true token of our appreciation for putting their money and reputations on the line to further reinvent the Pittsburgh housing market.

"Pittsburgh is now considered the No. 1 most profitable place to flip houses in America! Flippers in this market have been able to buy houses so cheaply, they stand to earn a whopping average 106 percent return on their investment, according to 2014 data compiled according to RealtyTrac."
~ Pittsburgh Post Gazette, May 31, 2015

Enter Albert Anthony Real Estate

We're selling flips as never seen before in Pittsburgh! Capitalizing on Pittsburgh's already top tier flip rankings, we will save you more time and more money, all while catching the market at just the right moment.

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For the Pittsburgh Real Estate investor community, Pittsburgh Flips can bring your project full circle.

Between securing the rehab property (if not yet found), progress point meetings, listing with milestone-marketing, qualifying your buyer, and selling for top market value.

There is no cost or obligation to complete this membership application.

Our Mission: To provide Real Estate investors with the edge on Flips.